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CIMS Training Testimonials

CIMS Scenario Intelligence
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  • Very informative day. Success measured by how quickly the day went. PB October 2019 CIMS 2
  • Good learning environment with engaging facilitator. MC October 2019 CIMS 2
  • Great work on the content and keeping the room in balance. Breaks were great and well balanced. MS October 2019 CIMS 2
  • Excellent delivery, clear and relevant. Nice mix of theory and experience. Enjoyed the team work dimension. PM October 2019 CIMS 2
  • Great presenter – provided heaps of useful content and interesting ‘hands’ on experience. IW October 2018 CIMS 2
  • Thank you for developing the course. I found it very informative and enjoyable. I have been a first responder for most of my adult life. Police Officer, Fire fighter and now currently a Security Officer. It was good to see how an incident is coordinated using the standardised CIMS framework. MP July 2019 CIMS 4 
  • Thank you Paul and Sharyn for the way you conducted the emergency exercise scenario yesterday.  We have had great feed back from my guys and other participants on how relaxed it was.  The relaxed atmosphere lead to great discussions around the table and made the event most enjoyable.  RW July 2019 CIMS Desk-top Exercise
  • Sharyn is a very engaging and knowledgeable trainer.  Thank you.  NC July 2019 CIMS 4
  • Really good interaction.  Enjoyed the layout of the two days and very beneficial working alongside a technical person.  MR July 2019 CIMS 4
  • Great training and facilitation of conservations.  JL July 2019 CIMS 4
  • Good course content, good delivery, good pace.  WS July 2019 CIMS 4
  • Liked the small and large group learning styles.  Everyone was encouraged to contribute.  ND June 2019 CIMS 2
  • Course was fantastic – great presenter.  A training and subject matter expert – well done!  MM June 2019 CIMS 2
  • There was a good level of information and a friendly and open environment.  A good mix of people.  LD June 2019 CIMS 2
  • Love the casual style of training.  Hearing about application scenarios helped with understanding. GN June 2019 CIMS 2
  • Sharyn was amazing.  One of the best presenters I have ever had.  Style and content spot on.  CO June 2019 CIMS 2
  • Great format. Appreciate getting through four scenarios.  ML May 2019 CIMS 4
  • Very good course, pushed me outside my comfort zone.  NH May 2019 CIMS 4
  • Really enjoyed the interactive style of presentation.  I learnt so much through the scenarios.  SH May 2019  CIMS 4
  • Scenarios were good and had the right number and length.  NP May 2019 CIMS 4
  • Well run and professional.  NB May 2019 CIMS 4
  • Sharyn has amazing energy and is very positive and constructive in her leadership. CG May 2019 CIMS 4
  • Great interactive and interesting course.  Was tailored to our business.  Trainer very well informed. CJ May 2019 CIMS 2
  • Very good course material, good interactive presentations, comprehensive contents.  AQ May 2019 CIMS 2
  • A compressed couple of days, but extremely valuable and beneficial.  Vastly improved my comprehension of CIMS and multiple applications.  MH May 2019  CIMS 4
  • Really impressive,. Great rapport. Got everyone involved. Constant feedback and support. TJ May 2019 CIMS 2
  • Tailored in a way that is easy to understand, engaging facilitator – enjoyable style, workbook great to have as a reference. MR May 2019 CIMS 2
  • Training was excellent such a great benefit to our organisation. LB May 2019 CIMS 2
  • Presentation was great-very relevant, easy to follow/listen to. Good mix of interactive and following slides. Lots of time to do workbook. Well set out day. WM April 2019 CIMS 2
  • Great working with the DBTD office team – everything was seamless. PB April 2019 CIMS 2
  • The presentation was great – ideas were communicated clearly and in an interesting way. My questions were always answered and valued. AW April 2019 CIMS 2
  • Very good, fast paced and comprehensive. NW April 2019 CIMS 2
  • Good examples, energy and understanding of the topic. WT April 2019 CIMS 2
  • Very good, practical and highly applicable to my everyday role. FG April 2019 CIMS 2
  • Training was really well run and very interesting. SB March 2019 CIMS 2
  • Great flow, interesting topic, excellent presentation. VF March 2019 CIMS 2
  • Sharyn is a fantastic presenter. Amazing knowledge and very inclusive of the room. BR March 2019 CIMS 2
  • Excellent lecturers knowledge from a working point of view, clear, concise, and kept it very interesting. MB March 2019 CIMS 2
  • I was definitely impressed by the design of the training materials, pacing of Powerpoint presentations and down-to-earth friendly approach of the trainers.  It feels rather like our periodic first aid training – really good preparation for anything unexpected, absolutely valuable to have carried out…  and definitely needing periodic review/refresh to keep the material usably fresh in our minds? AS November 2018 CIMS 2
    (One day’s concentrated training was really good, but it does feel as if the learnings will probably need additional review to firmly embed them in long term memory rather than just short-term
  • Great mix of theory and application. Pragmatic approach with hands on learning.  MR October 2018 CIMS 2
  • Really enjoyable training, the presenters were skilled and knowledgeable. Good to do the mock incident as brought the theory to life.  KB October 2018 CIMS 2