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CIMS Training Testimonials

CIMS Scenario Intelligence
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  • Good examples, energy and understanding of the topic. WT April 2019 CIMS 2
  • Very good, practical and highly applicable to my everyday role. FG April 2019 CIMS 2
  • Training was really well run and very interesting. SB March 2019 CIMS 2
  • Great flow, interesting topic, excellent presentation. VF March 2019 CIMS 2
  • Sharyn is a fantastic presenter. Amazing knowledge and very inclusive of the room. BR March 2019 CIMS 2
  • Excellent lecturers knowledge from a working point of view, clear, concise, and kept it very interesting. MB March 2019 CIMS 2


  • I was definitely impressed by the design of the training materials, pacing of Powerpoint presentations and down-to-earth friendly approach of the trainers.  It feels rather like our periodic first aid training – really good preparation for anything unexpected, absolutely valuable to have carried out…  and definitely needing periodic review/refresh to keep the material usably fresh in our minds? AS November 2018 CIMS 2
    (One day’s concentrated training was really good, but it does feel as if the learnings will probably need additional review to firmly embed them in longterm memory rather than just short-term
  • Great mix of theory and application. Pragmatic approach with hands on learning.  MR October 2018 CIMS 2
  • Really enjoyable training, the presenters were skilled and knowledgeable. Good to do the mock incident as brought the theory to life.  KB October 2018 CIMS 2
  • Training was excellent, presentation was clear and uncluttered. Great scenario and test of knowledge.  PL October 2018 CIMS 2
  • I appreciated the positive and engaging way that training was delivered by Sharyn and Paul, clearly from a position of much experience in both emergency evaluation and delivery to a broad range of organisations.  TG October 2018 CIMS 2
  • This training was delivered clearly and real live examples used.  GM September 2018 CIMS 2
  • It was a pleasure to meet you both.  Just to say thank you for a great training day.  As a knowledge base, in case of whatever wherever in daily life it was invaluable.  One assumes a great deal this world about ‘how to’ do things in a crisis but we ‘do not know what we do not know’ until the crisis occurs. Hence I gained so much out of yesterday’s training and look forward to doing CIMS 4 next year. I enjoyed your training format also. SM September 2018 CIMS 2
  • Really great day of excellent training. JP – June 2018 CIMS 2
  • Good energy and pace. Varying presentations were good. Questions well answered. Great examples and insight from other organisations. MZ – June 2018 CIMS 2
  • Very engaging and knowledgeable. No question was too difficult and I enjoyed the real life scenarios. KB – June 2018 CIMS 2 
  • Great training, easy to understand and good guidance throughout the group scenario. DE – May 2018 CIMS 2
  • Good team interaction training. AP – May 2018 CIMS 2
  • Excellent. Great knowledge of presenters, interesting material relaxed and encouraging nature. OV – May 2018 CIMS 2 & 4
  • Great relaxed style of communication, knowledgeable and pitched at the right level. Presented with integrity and humor. PM – May 2018 CIMS 2
  • Good application of educational techniques with range of visual, audible writing / reading styles. Good use of presentation material. Good exercises / group and individual assessment. MW – May 2018 CIMS 2
  • Both Sharyn and Paul are good at creating an environment where mistakes are welcomed and not ridiculed.  Presented information in a relatable and interesting way.
  • Just saw your excellent EER result, please pass on our congratulations to the team.  Regards.  GW – Feb 2018