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General Rescue / Health & Safety Training Testimonials

  • Great positive learning environment, clear instructions, observed and confirmed use of techniques. SS – October 2019 – OGR
  • Excellent presenter. Very good refresher course, feel very prepared. JC – October 2019 – OGR
  • Very well done, good balance of practical and theory. BK – May 2018 – General Rescue
  • Very detailed presentation and well laid out content with immense knowledge and expertise from the presentation (real examples of rescue situation). AK – March 2018 – General Rescue
  • Excellent very interesting and engaging.  Great instruction from teachers who clearly know what they are talking about.  Open to answering questions which was very helpful.  CD – March 2018 – General Rescue
  • Presenters are amazing.  Helpful and explain things clearly, they make the environment feel very safe.  Great practical and real examples.  IS – March 2018 – Ongoing General Rescue

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  • Good practical skills learned.  Made me feel a lot more confident regarding the skills I have.  Very knowledgeable tutors.  GB – March 2018 Ongoing General Rescue
  • Always a great course.  Paul and Sharyn are very good teachers and it is always topical and informative.  CW –  March 2018 – Ongoing General Rescue
  • Training was very informative and interesting. I will take away the skills that I have learned in my role as a Fire Warden. LS – August 2017 – Ongoing General Rescue
  • Training was thorough – well structured and knowledgeable in regards to NZ environment. AM – August 2017 – Ongoing General Rescue
  • Enjoyed practising the knots and seeing the pictures of the Christchurch earthquake. JG – August 2017 – Ongoing General Rescue
  • Very good course. Very well paced, included everyone, very good practical exercises. A very good day overall. Thanks. PH – August 2017 – Ongoing General Rescue
  • Very informative. Feel more capable if an emergency were to happen. KV – August 2017 – Ongoing General Rescue
  • Another well presented training package facilitated by two instructors who are highly skilled and motivated in emergency management. A great job Paul and Sharyn.  DW – June 2017  – General Rescue
  • Training was fantastic. Great trainers and information. Brilliant location for search training. MK – April 2017 – Ongoing General Rescue
  • Great team building and confidence training that I could be of assistance in an emergency situation. PS – March 2017 – General Rescue
  • Greater understanding of the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015, and my role, duties & legal rights of the Health & Safety Act.  Presentation material great – summarises key parts of Act.  Theresa & Janice great, knowledgeable and caring.  Sharyn was awesome – vibrancy, energy and natural people connector – motivator.  LL -August 2016 – Health & Safety Representative Training


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