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We source a wide range of civil defence and emergency related equipment for clients and advise on the most appropriate equipment for your situation. If you require emergency equipment for your workplace, then contact our team by email or telephone us on 64 4 232 5363.

As trainers and practitioners in emergency training at a national level, we regularly train with and use the equipment we recommend. We can advise you on what equipment meets the standards and stands the test of regular use.

rescuetraningCivil Defence/Rescue

Search this section for Civil Defence related products that meet current standards and develop resiliency within your  home, workplace or community.

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fe_wetFire Safety

Search this section for Fire Extinguishers and Fire Safety products that meet current standards.

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inhousetrainingIncident Management

Search this section for products to enhance your response during incident management.

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Evacuation Plans

We have teamed with an innovative new company to bring you a great resource we believe every workplace should consider.

The company is a specialist in creating visual aids relating to Crisis and Emergency Management, including Evacuation Plans, Emergency Procedure Charts, Site Plans, and Building Warden Cards.

This new company has a passion for creating clear and accurate visual aids, and believe in the importance of being prepared in the event of an emergency.

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