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Customer satisfaction is an important goal in everything we do at Devereux-Blum Training & Development. The following comments represent feedback from evaluations, emails and general correspondence from our clients:

  • Another well presented training package facilitated by two instructors who are highly skilled and motivated in emergency management. A great job Paul and Sharyn.  DW – June 2017 General Rescue
  • I love working with Devereux-Blum (Training and Development Ltd). Informative and engaging. I learnt so much from each scenario. SY – May 2017 CIMS 4
  • Well facilitated and good to use examples we are familiar with but generic enough to apply to all level events with multi-agency involvement.  ​MS – May 2017 CIMS 4 
  • It was an enjoyable training and your encouragement and help along the way was most appreciated. LC – May 2017 CIMS 4
  • The last two days were great learning to see the gaps in my knowledge and also reinforce how important planning and preparedness is. You will only  get better with familiarity and practice using templates as a reference point for planning and operating an incident. ​KP​ – April 2017 CIMS 4 
  • The CIMS Training really worked for the incident reponse last week.  People knew their roles and the templates developed in conjunction with Devereux-Blum Training ensured that the response flowed smoothly.  VR -December 2016 CIMS Training (Verbal feedback).
  • Great presenters, worked well together, encouraging, knowledgeable, presentable. CM -November 2016 CIMS 2-day Training
  • I couldn’t fault it [the CIMS training]. I really thought it was great.  Your experience in this field is very evident.  The content was great.  Really enjoyed the teaching style, approach, refreshment to learning ratio. The scenarios were so good, great to see our progress.  HV -November 2016 CIMS 2-day Training.
  • A CEO who participated in a recent CIMS Exercise Training commented that he was pleased with the high level of participation from the New Zealand Fire Service due to our Director/Trainer Paul’s efforts. November 2016 CIMS Exercise
  • Generally all information provided was extremely concise and allowed for excellent participation. GD -November 2016 CIMS 4
  • Great trainers.  Sharyn is lovely and helpful. MS – November 2016 CIMS 4
  • The trainers were engaging and responsive.  The skills and knowledge I acquired included: understanding the roles within the Incident Management Team; time management skills in an emergency scenario; information gathering and recording; quick analysis and action plan developed. MM – November 2016 CIMS 4
  • Good.  Really liked the co-presentation.  UC – October 2016 – CIMS 2
  • Good clear diagrams.  Real life examples that have occured in NZ and lessons learnt from these.  MH – October 2016 – CIMS 2
  • Great presentation, knowledge and passion for topic.  MD – October 2016 – CIMS 2
  • Greater understanding of the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015, and my role, duties & legal rights of the Health & Safety Act.  Presentation material great – summarises key parts of Act.  Theresa & Janice great, knowledgable and caring.  Sharyn was awesome – vibrancy, energy and natural people connector – motivator.  LL -August 2016 – Health & Safety Representative Training
  • Thank you, DBTD is the most professional training provider I have worked with.  DS -June 2016 – CIMS 2
  • The training was excellent and Paul was superb in explaining clearly how the new legislation is to be interpreted and how we can put that into effect.  I would like to thank Paul for his excellent and relaxed but professional presentation to myself and the group. ML – May 2016 – FW
  • Training was great.  Kept interested and delivery was not boring.  Group activities kept me interested in the topics. KP – May 2016 – CIMS 2